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Sissy Boy Part 6
Album image

Continuation of this great story. The tough guy forced to suck his cock extremely cute sissy classmate! But this little sissy boy boy wants to suck him! So he starts to fondle and licking his penis right in the shower room! Later, this cute little sissy sucks hard dick again in the janitor’s room! Later, the tough guy wants to invite him to his place! But on this day, sissy boy gets two cocks at once! And he likes it! And today maybe the right time for the first kiss? 😉

$0.4 USD Pics/Vids: 66
Spooky Surprise
Album image

Continuation of this hot and passionate story about cute and horny babysitter boy who love to fuck little boys so much! And today is Halloween night – it will full of sex, love, and passion! 😉

$0.4 USD Pics/Vids: 32
WhosYourMommy: Women Topping Boys Vol.2
Album image

WhosYourMommy is a hentai straight and yaoi shotacon hentai pack dedicated to very naughty and extremely kinky mommies and sisters who love to pound the tight holes of their sweet sons and brothers! 😉 Warnings: femdom, rape, humiliation, forced to sex, BDSM, spanking, bondage.

$0.4 USD Pics/Vids: 35
Deflowering Atreus
Album image

Little Atreus (from the popular game “God of War”) was so embarrassed and confused when two futa goddesses impaled him with their huge cocks right after the boy’s father left home to hunt! But then he realized that this was exactly what he wanted all his life! 😉

$0.4 USD Pics/Vids: 28
The Secret Life of Slaveboys [Restored]
Album image

Very hot hardcore story by an incredible artist about sweet boy Garret and his new life as a slaveboy!

$0.4 USD Pics/Vids: 131
True Romance: The Hidden Passion of Father and Son
Album image

An attentive father and a curious son went on a hike together, and today they have a very special night of tenderness and passion with each other! 😉

$0.4 USD Pics/Vids: 25
Spooky Boys: Halloween Special Shotacon Art

Meet very cute, bright and beautiful boys, who love to doing it right on the Halloween night! Oh yeah, suck or lick this treat, baby, don’t make’em wait!

$0.4 USD Pics/Vids: 70
Connerverse Comic: Riley Has Five Moms
Album image

Very incredible story from the famous artist is about the sweet horny little boy Conner and his sex adventures! And today he goes to his boyfriend Riley’s house to meet his family! 😉

$0.4 USD Pics/Vids: 67
Ballet School
Album image

The ballet instructor tells the boys if they want to improve their technique, they need some extra lessons with him today 😉

$0.4 USD Pics/Vids: 56